What to Take When Playing Golf.

Playing golf can be a brilliant pass time and an awesome way to relieve some stress after school or work. Also with the number of excellent golf courses in Cambridge you can rarely go wrong. However, if you are a new golf player you will most likely be confused as to what you should look to take with you, and why it is important to do so. Since it is crucial that you do bring the right things to a game of golf, this article is going to go through 3 essential things that you should always take when playing golf.

Your Favourite Clubs.

One of the most important things to bring with you to a golf game are your golf clubs and other useful equipment including the new Taylormade R15 driver. Usually, Golf clubs state that each player may only bring a maximum of 14 golf clubs with them, and you should make sure that you bring clubs that you feel comfortable using. You should also be sure to bring a golf club for any type of situation that may come up.

You should also be sure to bring adequate equipment to every golf game too. Especially in Cambridge where rules and etiquette are taken rather seriously, you need to ensure that you bring everything that you might need in order to not to cause any issues. For instance, bringing enough clubs so that you do not need to borrow any from your partners is always a good idea, and bringing some extra tees will never hurt either! It goes without saying that you should remember to bring some extra golf balls, especially if this is in fact your first time playing. It is likely that you are going to miss a lot of balls, and you may quickly run out if you are not careful.

Something else that many golfers sometimes forget to bring is a ballmark repair tool. It is in no way essential, but again from the perspective of having good etiquette you should bring one anyway. These can be found at relatively cheap prices at most golf shops, and if you do not live near one you can always order one online.

Make Sure to Dress the Part.

Another core aspect of playing golf is making sure that you look the part. You might think that how you dress is irrelevant, however some golf courses in Cambridge do have a dress code, which must be followed. Once again it is simply good etiquette to do so, and of course it does make the whole atmosphere that bit more interesting.

Before you decide to join any golf clubs in Cambridge, it is important that you know the dress code that the members follow, and buy yourself everything that you will need. As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to get away with a pair of khaki short and a collard golf shirt, but in order to prevent any issues you should check prior to playing. With regard to golf shoes, whilst they are not always a necessity, they are very useful to have. The same applies to golf gloves as the choice lies with the player.

It is of course worthy of note that not all golf courses in Cambridge have a dress code, and so long as it is appropriate you may wear anything you like. Typically, the more expensive the course is to play on, the more a dress code is going to be required.

Food and Drinks.

A final thing that you should always remember to bring with you are some snacks and some beverages to keep you going. If you are planning to play all of the holes that a course provides, which in some clubs can be above 18, you should definitely bring some water to keep yourself hydrated. However, in the case that you forget to do not worry as most golf courses have bars that you can go to clench your thirst and hunger, and people who will be selling drinks in a cart around the course.

The rates that golf clubs tend to charge for food and drink is usually higher than simply going to a local shop, so always bear this in mind if you are planning to spend your money there.