Top 3 Golf Courses in Cambridge.

Looking for a new golf course in Cambridge? Well if you are struggling to make up your mind as to the best one to join, this article is going to go through the top three courses in Cambridge and what each can offer you in terms of golf facilities.

Gog Magog.

Gog Magog is located a mere 3 miles south east of the centre of Cambridge. The Gog Magog Golf Club has two excellent and very different courses.

What is referred to as “The Old Course” was originally released in 1901, and has retained all of the charisma that is built over the years. Not only does this course offer a large amount of diversity to player from other courses, but it also has some fantastic scenery and some holes that will certainly push your skill.

The newer course called “The Wandlebury Course” was released more recently in 1997. It is now a particularly well reputable course which has hosted the Regional Qualifying for The Open for 5 years. This is already longer than the original old course, and its true brilliance can be felt with every swing of your club.

Both of these courses offer players some of the most beautiful panoramic views across Cambridge, and Ely Cathedral upsurges out of the neighbouring Marshlands.

Of course the members are from all different kinds of backgrounds and walks of life, which greatly adds to the diversity. Whilst this would be expected of a golf course in such a famous location, the club thrives heavily in its Male and Female sections.

There is no doubt that after an exhilarating game, there is no greater pleasure than to relax in the spacious patio and admire the fine views….

Girton Golf Club.

The Girton Golf Club was initiated in 1936 by PGA expert Allan Gow. In 1965 he permitted members to be able to purchase the estate, and after some time the course was stretched to a whole 18 holes.

In terms of playability, Girton will certainly challenge you with its developed bushes and trees, which do add to the scenery and also the difficulty of the course itself. This course has greens that are reported to be some of the best in the whole of Cambridge, and the five par three’s oblige for different sized iron shots which need to be precise.

Something that you will discover fairly quickly about Girton is that the last three holes are especially problematic. With particular attention to the 18th hole, which is one of the lengthiest par fives in the entire country. During 1992 the clubhouse was built with a custom-design, and even today Girton delivers players with an excellent mixture of course and clubhouse that is simply unmatched in the area.

Abbotsley Hotel Golf and Country Club.

The final Golf course is conveniently positioned in the market town of St Neots. Abbotsley Hotel Golf and Country Club delivers two exceptional 18 hole courses, a par three course and brilliant preparation facilities. The par 72 Abbotsley course has an outstanding combination of grassland and woodland accompanied with breath-taking views of the neighbouring countryside. In addition, Abbotsley has a charming glasshouse style diner and abundant time-out services.

Furthermore, along with the thirty-six amazing holes of golf that will dare and challenge golfers, there is a superb and diverse range of services for visitors to enjoy at the Abbot range of facilities to help visitors unwind and appreciate their stay. These consist of (but are not limited to) first rate training facilities, a short game area, a practice putting green and a flatteringly furnished gym.

If you are struggling to make your own mind up as to which golf clubs in Cambridge you should join, these are definitely some of the first ones that you should visit and try out for yourself. They have a lot to offer in terms of high quality services, and views that are simply unmatched by rivalling golf courses.