How to Choose the Best Golf Course

Golf is an amazing sport where you can challenge your friends improve your current skill for the game and maybe even compete on a professional level if you get good enough. Despite how much fun this sport can be, there are a couple of defining factors that can really make or break the occasion. The most important being choosing the best golf course for you. This article is going to go through how you can choose the best Cambridge golf courses, and whether or not you should consider applying to them.

Cost Per Session.

Something that will influence many people’s decisions as to which golf course they will choose out of the many available in Cambridge is the cost per session. The more professional clubs will more often than not have the best facilities available and therefore charge the most for each session that you take part in. It is for this reason that when you are browsing the various Cambridge golf courses available, you do not simply choose the cheapest option possible. You should instead aim to apply to a golf club/course that provides the best value for money.


As already stated, some golf courses can be very affordable but seriously lack in quality that some of the more expensive clubs provide. If you are someone who is looking to maybe train to become a professional golf player, then it is certainly worthwhile to choose a golf course with the best quality services available. This means that the grass is frequently maintained to provide the best playing ground possible, the changing rooms are clean and satisfactory and the sceneries are beautiful. In order to find the best quality golf courses in Cambridge you may want to refer to some of the comparison sites online, which will provide you with all the information that you will need to make your choice. However, sometimes to be able to make the best choice possible you really do need to visit the course yourself and see what it has to offer in comparison to the others.


How local the golf course is to where you live is certainly an important factor to keep in consideration, when choosing the best golf course for you. Let’s be clear. You do not want to be driving a long distance in order to reach your chosen golf course, as the time that you spent travelling could have been spent having fun, which is a huge sacrifice. Instead, make it a priority to choose a Cambridge golf course that is local and provides good facilities. You may also want to limit your possible choice of golf courses to a certain radius, to ensure that you spend no longer than 10-15 minutes travelling there and back.

Final Note.

Finding the right golf course for you is a crucial aspect of how much you are going to get out of golf. Choosing a golf course that fits all of these criteria is difficult and you may need to sacrifice one quality for another. For instance, you may want to allow a larger travelling distance if it would mean that you were able to attend one of the best courses in Cambridge, but do consider the cost and whether it is truly the right course for you.